About Us

Kern Insurance Associates was formally established in 1972, with roots dating back to 1926. Kern Insurance Associates is not only one of the oldest insurance agencies in Kern County, but also the agency with the most experience and knowledge.
Their principals have over 100 years of commercial and personal coverage experience between the 4 of them! Kern Insurance Associates prides itself on its ability to provide not only great customer service but also offering its clients a knowledgeable staff always on hand to answer any question or solve any problems.
Kern Insurance Assoc is owned by PCF Insurance Services of the West. PCF is in the top 20 Insurance agencies in the nation with written premiums in excess of 2.3 billion. PCF gives Kern Insurance Assoc’s the ability to not only obtain the lowest possible premium but also allow us to tailor your insurance for exactly what your business needs. PCF also continues to design programs for larger clients, this would include habitational, education, construction, and much more. PCF believes in local Insurance agencies so we will always be here to answer your questions and professionally service your Insurance program.

Meet Our Team


Bruce Lynn

(661) 835-4542 Ext. 251

Kent Perkins

(661) 835-4542 Ext. 238

Kent has been in the insurance profession since 1977 and has been a managing member of KIA since 2005. With 40 years of experience, Kent is well versed in all lines of insurance. On the personal side, Kent is an adrenaline junkie. He raced off-road bikes from 1974 to 2009, But, as they say “With Age Comes a Cage”, so now Kent and his 31-year-old daughter race off-road cars and are having the time of their lives.

Tony Olson

(661) 835-4542 Ext. 225

Office Manager

Lupe Vargas

Office Manager
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 237


Sandy Terry

(661) 835-4542 ext. 223

Vanessa Lopez

(661) 835-4542 Ext. 221

Agents Sales

Joe Naworski

Insurance Agent
(661) 835-4542 ext. 207
Over forty years of Insurance Experience. Concentrate on Habitational and Commercial Real estate Risk.

Kent Short

Insurance Agent
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 227

Carol Bean

Insurance Agent
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 228

Carol began her career in the Insurance Industry in 1985 and joined Kern Insurance Associates in 2013 bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the agency with her.

She specializes in Commercial Business Insurance for all lines of coverages.

Carol and her husband have been married for 35 years. They have one son and four grandchildren. When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, grandchildren, and traveling.

Jennifer Burk

Insurance Agent
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 234

women icon

Stacy Buratto

Insurance Agent
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 241

Robyn Kyles

Insurance Agent
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 254

Benefits Department

Christina Decker

Benefits Department
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 229

Christina began her carrier in insurance in 2006 and joined Kern Insurance Associates in 2015. Christina takes the time to get to know every one of our customers. Being very knowledgeable and friendly Christina strives to meet all of your insurance needs. In Christina’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and children. Some of her hobbies include shooting, crafting, outdoor hiking, and watching her oldest son play baseball.

Irene Leal

Benefits Department
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 242

Commercial Lines

Adriana Garcia

Commercial Lines
(661) 835-4542 ext. 233

Megan Panther

Commercial Lines
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 240

Kristen Logan

Commercial Lines
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 253

Cecile Struwe

Commercial Lines
(661) 835-4542 Ext.

Samantha Jimenez

Commercial Lines
(661) 835-4542 ext. 252

Samantha Jimenez has 10 years in the insurance business. All have been with KIA specializing in both property & casualty insurance. She enjoys a good cup of coffee and spending time making memories with her family.

Stacey Campbell

Commercial Lines
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 231

Stacey Campbell has 34 years in the insurance business with 24 of them at KIA. She specializing in both property & casualty insurance. She enjoys spending time and making memories with her family.

Verenice Valdez

Commercial Lines
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 235

Kelley Sanders

Commercial Lines
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 224

Kelley has been in the insurance industry since 2005 and joined KIA in 2021, specializing in property & casualty insurance. She enjoys traveling with her husband and spending quality time with family & friends.

Danielle Garcia

Commercial Lines
(661) 835-4542 ext. 216

Danielle has been in the insurance agency since 2007 and joined KIA in 2021, specializing in both property & casualty and life insurance. She enjoys spending time and making memories with her family.

Danielle Williams

Commercial Lines
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 245

Personal Lines

Dina McCarthy

Personal Lines
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 220

Dina began her career in insurance in 1998 and joined Kern Insurance Associates in 2014. She specializes in Personal Lines insurance. In Dina’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and trips to the beach.

Jeri Kiggens

Personal Lines
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 211

Jeri began her insurance career in 1986 and joined Kern Insurance Associates in 2017. She specializes in personal lines insurance with an emphasis on excellent customer service. Most Saturdays you can find Jeri on the links playing golf. She has played with the same group of friends for over 20 years. Jeri also enjoys spending time with family, watching her nephew play baseball & spoiling her dachshunds.

Robin Lage

Personal Lines
(661) 835-4542 Ext. 203

Kern Insurance Associates