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Kern Insurance Assoc is owned by PCF Insurance Services of the West. PCF is in the top 20 Insurance agencies in the nation with written premiums in excess of 2.3 billion. PCF gives Kern Insurance Assoc’s the ability to not only obtain the lowest possible premium but also allow us to tailor your insurance for exactly what your business needs. PCF also continues to design programs for larger clients, this would include habitational, education, construction, and much more. PCF believes in local Insurance agencies so we will always be here to answer your questions and professionally service your Insurance program.

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Our team is always here to help every client for better or worse, we pride ourselves on providing the best coverage for every client and take pride in our outstanding reputation. We appreciate each and every one of our clients and do our very best to remain available and ready to help serve you. We believe in a commitment to always improving as a team at Kern Insurance Associates, feel secure in knowing we have your back, feel free to contact us today.

What People Say About Us

- Charles Garcia

I switched all 3 of my family’s cars to Kern insurance after the way they handled my last accident a couple of months ago… Seems to me that during covid people forgot how to drive, glad they got me covered though, the accident looked like it was gonna cost me a fortune in medical bills alone and I only ended up paying a couple of hundred bucks. Best choice I’ve made all year.

- Grant Campbell

Geniuses. Very helpful in just about every insurance-related incident I’ve had in the last couple of years and very professional too. I highly recommend them if you like having peace of mind.

- Janet Fernandez

They’ve been especially helpful to me and my company during these trying times thanks to their worker’s compensation and loss of income policies. If your business is currently facing uncertainty as mine was I suggest asking about those two!
Kern Insurance Associates
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