As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, we welcome the generosity of volunteers and financial supporters.


All donations welcomed!
All donations are 100% tax-deductible. Our tax ID 84-3019711. And… 100% of donations provide direct support to our programs. As a small nonprofit, we keep our overhead costs at a minimum to ensure contributions from donors directly impact our programs and the community we serve.
Levels to fit any interests
Whether you are an individual or international corporation, we invite you to become a sponsor. Sponsorships give us the much-needed public support and funding to sustain our programs while allowing us to thank our sponsors in a variety of ways.
  • Public Acknowledgement
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Awards/Plaques of appreciation
  • and more!
As little as 2 hours/month!
Duration: Various
Level: All experience levels welcomed
Start Date: Various
Do you have at least 2 hours a month to volunteer your time, talents, and experience?
We are seeking volunteers to assist in the following areas within our nonprofit.
  • Board of Directors
  • Office/Administration
  • Educational
  • Student Services
  • and more!
Speak or Teach
Share your knowledge
Duration: Once or Multiple (your choice)
Level: Professional & expert level preferred
Start Date: Various
We’re always seeking subject-matter experts, industry leaders, seasoned professionals, and local artists to share their knowledge with others.
  • Teach a class – virtual or in-person
  • Present during a live Music Business Q&A session
  • Share curriculumn
  • and more!
Tell Others
Do you know someone struggling with their music career? Or just need some support and assistance while navigating through the many avenues within the music industry? Maybe you or someone you know are willing to share experience or expertise with others.
  • Call us
  • Email us
  • Visit us
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